Selected Academic Publications

Articles in Peer-Reviewed Publications

  • Roundup of IP decisions and legislative reforms in Africa 2021. (2022) Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice, 17(6), pp. 491-502.
  • Negotiating the Intellectual Property Protocol under the Agreement Establishing the African Continental Free Trade Area: Priorities and Opportunities for Nigeria. (2022) Law and Development Review, 14(1), pp. 129-162. (with Adebambo Adewopo and Desmond Oriakhogba) 
  • Africa intellectual property decisions and legislative reforms round-up 2020. (2021) Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice16(6), pp.584-594. (with Ekene Chuks-Okeke, Caroline Wanjiru Muchiri, Marius Schneider, Nora Ho Tu Nam, Sibongile Dee and Vanessa Ferguson)
  • Multi-territorial Digital Copyright Licensing with the AfCFTA: considerations for appropriate guiding principles. (2021) European Intellectual Property Review, 43(11), pp. 710-720. (with Desmond Oriakhogba)
  • Nigeria’s Federal High Court relies on physical evidence and shipping documents to invalidate registered designs. (2020) Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice, 15(11), pp.860-862.
  • Lessons in Protecting and Enforcing Copyright in Screenplays in Nigeria. (2020) Business Law Review, 41(2), pp.55-63
  • Book review: The Object and Purpose of Intellectual Property edited by Susy Frankel (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2019). (2020) South African Law Journal, 137(1), pp. 173-177.
  • Corporate governance of copyright collecting societies in Nigeria: are (some) interventions under the Copyright Act lawful? (2019) Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies Journal of Intellectual Property, 6, pp. 76-108.
  • Copyright in “contest-created” works: Ugandan Court of Appeal weighs private interests and public benefit vis-à-vis Uganda’s national anthem. (2019) Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice, 14(12), pp. 933-934.
  • An analysis of the IP-related provisions of the Nigerian Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Act 2019. (2019) Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice, 14(8), pp. 613-621. 
  • Corporate governance of collecting societies in Nigeria: Powers of the sector regulator. (2018) South African Intellectual Property Law Journal, 6(1), pp.24-46.
  • Nigerian Supreme Court issues guidance on locus standi of collecting societies. (2018) Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice, 13(12), pp.931-933

Contributions to Edited Collections 

  • Fair use or fair dealing in Africa: The South Africa experience, in H Bosher and E Rosati (eds),  (2023) Developments and Directions in Intellectual Property Law. 20 Years of The IPKat (Oxford University Press: in press).
  • Digital treatment of African cultural heritage: Implications for copyright exceptions for archives in Nigeria, in G Bodard and C Palladino (eds), (2022) Digital Approaches to Materials and Immaterial Heritage (Ubiquity Press: in press).
Other academic publications 
  • South Africa with Kenya and Eswatini seek waiver of certain provisions of TRIPS Agreement to align IPRs with access to medicine in the fight against Covid-19. (2020) Intellectual Property Forum, Issue 122, pp. 122-123.
  • Gender equality in South Africa’s creative sector through the regulation of collective management organisations. (October 2020) Africa Portal (online).
  • The Constitutional Court of South Africa provides guidance on patent prosecution policy in South Africa. (2020) Intellectual Property Forum, Issue 120, pp. 101-103.