Research Projects

Postgraduate Research Supervision

I supervise postgraduate research on various aspects of intellectual property, technology and the Internet. The following dissertations have been completed under my supervision or co-supervision:


  • Lechaba, Refilwe ‘Access to affordable pharmaceutical products and the interplay between patents and public health’ LLM
  • Kwofie Karl ‘The application of copyright law in dealing with digital sampling’ LLM
  • Kok, Lucinda ‘The scope of the adaptation right in South African copyright law’ LLM 


  • Du Preez, Kiara ‘Music and the originality requirement under copyright law’ LLM
  • Mayesa, Mzimasi ‘Copyright in the music industry: The protection of artists’ rights against exploitation in South Africa’ LLM


Research Projects

  • (funded by Coimbra Group/KU Leuven Postdoctoral Scholarship 2021)  Fair use v Fair dealing in Africa: The South Africa experience
  • (as part of the Right to Research in International Copyright project supported by the Arcadia Foundation, 2021-2022) Government role in realizing the right to research in Africa
  • (with Dr Desmond Oriakhogba) Multi-territorial digital copyright licensing
    within the AfCFTA (Open African Innovation Research (Open AIR) project:
  • (for Queen Elizabeth Scholars) Gender equality in South Africa’s creative
    sector through the regulation of collective management organisations